Since it's founding in 2010 DANCE THEATRE STUDIO SOLU's main purpose has been to cultivate and develop dance theatre activities in Lapland. In addition to its core competency as a dance theatre group, Solu also offers a variety of courses, classes and training. Solu offers made-to-order performances, that can include existing dance pieces or be individually tailored to any customer needs. The Solu Nest facilities can be rented for different occasions and you don't have to be a member of Solu to make a booking.

New dancers are recruited mainly through an info session organized in the fall. However, if you wish to be part of the group, it is also possible to apply with an open application any time during the season. The Solu Board approves all new active members. Past dance experience is preferable, however other skills are also highly valued. The most important asset is the ability to commit to different tasks, such as weekly group practices. All members are also obligated to pay a yearly assigned membership.

Solu's founder and the artistic director Outi Kallas has an earlier degree in Master of Arts (Dance) and dance-movement therapy. Due to Outi's knowledge and passion for dance therapy, in addition to modern dance and adult ballet classes Dance Theatre Studio Solu is also offering courses in dance-movement therapy and REH (both group and individual). All classes are also available for different events such as business training days or recreation days.

Dance-Movement-therapy and REH

REH is an abbreviation from the words Relaxing, Energy and Healing and it is a method combining movement, body and mind. In REH dance-movement therapy techniques are used to find, develop and deepen one's sense of their own body. A person participating in REH does not need to be a dancer or even athletic in any way since the progress always happens in terms of participant's own body. The goal is to find and maintain both physical and mental well-being. REH-method has been developed by Outi Kallas and is a way of bringing dance-movement therapy in the use for different groups. You can read more about dance-movement therapy and the REH-method under the REH page.

Studio Solu does not pay money for its members and we finance our operations through courses, classes, performances and - if we get really lucky - external funds. Any type of sponsorship is regarded with gracious smiles.

Contacts: or Facebook. Outi Kallas, 044 5891902.

Anyone wishing to support our activities and be one of us can join in as a Studio Solu Support member.

Support member, aka Support cell:

  1. pays a membership fee of 75 € in season 2017
  2. is entitled to see all Solu performances at student price or for free in return for work contribution
  3. is entitled to wear clothes labeled with the Solu logo
  4. is entitled to take part in Solu recreational events
  5. is entitled to participate in the Solu annual general meeting (without voting rights)
  6. gets a discount in Studio Solu classes, courses and other events (e.g. training classes -25%)

If you wish to become a Support cell, please send an open note to the Studio Solu Board by email ( Membership is confirmed by paying the membership fee of 75 € in the Studio Solu account by the due date notified by Solu.

The weekly schedule of ballet and contemporary dance classes that are open for everybody:

12.00-13.15 Ballet adults advanced
13.30-14.45 Bodyhealing and Contemporary dance adults, all levels
15.00-16.30 Reh (Dance-Movement)

18.30-19.45 Contemporary dance adults advanced


17.00-18.15 Ballet adults beginner
18.30-19.45 Ballet adults advanced

18.15-19.30 Ballet adults basic level

You can buy a 10 x class pass for 132€ (regular)/120 € (students). You can also ask about 5 x pass or pay for a single class.

Other courses and classes are also sometimes organised by (or in cooperation with) Studio Solu. such as as dance/movement therapy and authentic movement. You can ask more about them if you are interested